Citrus Industry Digital magazine

Citrus Industry Digital magazine

December 2019

CATEGORY: Business

December 2019 Digital Edition As the year races to a finish, growers will want to make sure they are up to date on the “food-safety marathon” described in the December issue of Citrus Industry magazine. It includes what growers need to know about the implementation of the Produce Safety Rule. Topics cover the extension of agricultural water provisions, product traceability and inspection preparation. Other articles this month address the new electronic logging device mandate going into effect Dec. 19 and how it might impact citrus shipping, a current look at Brazil’s citrus industry, and varieties best suited for niche markets and dooryard citrus. In the latest episode of the All In For Citrus Podcast, hear about a recent Washington Post article on Florida’s citrus Industry, research to attack the Asian citrus psyllid from the inside out, the Citrus Nutrition Management Program and high-tech tools for grove monitoring.

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