Citrus Industry magazine

Citrus Industry magazine

July 2019

CATEGORY: Business

Four articles on grove management will give citrus growers food for thought in the July issue of Citrus Industry magazine: 1. Citrus grower Del Murphy discusses production practices that have helped him cope with HLB. 2. University of Florida researchers explain the relationship between HLB severity, fruit size and preharvest fruit drop. 3. Get tips on how to control two of the most difficult types of weeds (Guinea grass and goatweed) found in Florida citrus. 4. Learn why and how citrus growers can enhance their integrated pest management efforts in the grove. Hear the latest episode of the All In For Citrus Podcast. Topics of discussion include a robotic method to assist with HLB management, an update on citrus research projects in Immokalee, and a beneficial visit to the University of Florida by U.S. Department of Agriculture officials.

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