Citrus Industy magazine

Citrus Industy magazine

October 2019

CATEGORY: Business

The October issue of Citrus Industry magazine features two tools growers can use to slow down Asian citrus psyllids (ACP): kaolin particle films and individual protective covers. While these methods aren’t silver bullets, they do provide growers with additional options for their toolboxes. Citrus growers producing fruit for the fresh market will find “Putting fresh fruit to the test” a useful article for determining what new varieties offer the best quality and shelf life. University of Florida (UF) research results are shared for 10 mandarin selections and four orange varieties. Get more citrus research information in the latest episode of the All In For Citrus Podcast. Topics addressed include tree planting decisions, nutrition kits, a new addition to the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, the creation of a new grapefruit variety and more.

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