Citrus Industry magazine

Citrus Industry magazine

April 2021

CATEGORY: Business

Keeping HLB-affected trees productive and profitable is a top goal for Florida citrus growers. The April issue of Citrus Industry magazine provides research on production practices aimed to help meet this goal. Get the details of a University of Florida study that showed trees under 30% shade net produced twice the yields of those in full sun. Other options for shade, such as individual protective covers and kaolin, are also discussed. Soil moisture sensors can assist growers with proper irrigation management and lead to healthier trees. Be sure to read the Q&A article on soil moisture sensors to ensure you are getting the most from these tools. Antibiotics are just one option in the HLB management toolbox. Read about a study on foliar application of oxytetracycline compared to trunk injection. Learn about additional HLB research in the latest episode of the All In For Citrus podcast.

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