Citrus Industry magazine

Citrus Industry magazine

July 2020

CATEGORY: Business

The July issue of Citrus Industry magazine updates growers on what’s new in rootstock research. Article topics include: • How to use the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide • Rootstock and cultivar trials growers and researchers have underway in central and northern Florida • The newest rootstocks in the University of Florida and U.S. Department of Agriculture citrus breeding pipelines • Rootstock effects on Valencia and Hamlin in large-scale Florida commercial groves • How rootstocks and scions affect orange juice flavor A new episode of the All In For Citrus podcast also addresses rootstock research underway in Fort Pierce, Florida. The Millennium Block project looks at a variety of scion and rootstock combinations for grapefruit, tangerines and navel oranges. The podcast also includes how University of Florida research is helping growers get trees off to a healthy start.

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