Citrus Industry magazine

Citrus Industry magazine

November 2022

CATEGORY: Business

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian, combined with the low initial crop forecast, is the big story in the November issue of Citrus Industry magazine. Editor-in-Chief Frank Giles provides early details on the storm’s damage as well as resources for rehabilitating groves. He discusses some of these resources in further detail in the latest episode of the All In For Citrus podcast. As growers replant, some may choose to install groundcovers as both a pest management and water-savings strategy. Fabric groundcovers are the subject of a November article. Learn how these groundcovers can drastically reduce the number of weevils in the soil while decreasing water use. What if psyllids were incapable of spreading HLB? That’s the goal of a University of Florida research project. Read about the high-tech work being done with bacteria living inside psyllids to block transmission of HLB. Another area of technology under study deals with weed control. The November magazine includes an update on new advancements in herbicide spraying. Special sensors allow growers to target sprays precisely where they are needed. The results include less product use and greater sustainability.

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