Citrus Industry magazine

Citrus Industry magazine

October 2020

CATEGORY: Business

Get the dirt on soil in the October issue of Citrus Industry magazine! A grower-authored article discusses living with HLB by adjusting production practices to improve soil health. Strategies include pesticide reduction, soil amendments, precision irrigation and nutrient planning. Enhancing soil health with cover crops is the subject of a University of Florida (UF) research article. Included are very promising first-year findings from a field trial in two commercial groves. The fate and persistence of herbicides in soil is another topic featured this month. Besides soil articles, look for features on emerging trunk disorders and research on systemic acquired resistance and the role it plays in boosting citrus tree immunity to combat HLB. Finally, listen to the latest episode of the All In For Citrus Podcast for discussions on black spot control, research on antimicrobial peptides and other news from the University of Florida.

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