Vegetable & Specialty Crop News magazine

Vegetable & Specialty Crop News magazine

April 2020

CATEGORY: Business

The April issue of VSCNews magazine is packed with information for both conventional and organic growers. The watermelon spotlight returns this month as growers are gearing up for harvest. Topics include the impact of wildflowers on watermelon pollinators as well as disease management tips for phytophthora fruit rot, downy mildew and fusarium wilt. Those interested in alternative crops can read about 10 types of Asian vegetables that do well in Florida. Organic vegetable growers will find a useful article on companion plants that may help with their pest management efforts. Finally, for growers transitioning to organic production, don’t miss the feature on overcoming organic certification challenges. The article shares the most common misconceptions on becoming certified and gives advice on how to avoid making mistakes.

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