Vegetable & Specialty Crop News

Vegetable & Specialty Crop News

April 2021

CATEGORY: Business

Biological control and conservation take the spotlight in the April issue of VSCNews. A University of Florida research article discusses control of sweetpotato whiteflies in squash with biological control agents like predatory mites. Find out how to use these predators in combination with other controls. University of Georgia researchers share steps to increase biodiversity on the farm. They tell how to put bugs to work for you with the goals of maximizing the performance of your operation, protecting the environment and increasing sustainability. Conservation funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture can help growers implement good land stewardship practices in an economically sustainable way. Kristin Woods, regional Extension agent in Alabama, details how growers can capitalize on conservation funding and enhance produce safety. Other topics addressed in the April issue include muscadine grapes grown in Florida, seaweed as a crop optimization tool, and watermelon news and grower views.

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