Municipal Monitor Q1 2018


There’s been lots of talk about electoral reform in Canada, but little action until now. London, Ont. is leading the way this fall with the use of ranked ballots in its civic election. Could this be the beginning of a real trend in reform for jaded voters who think the current first-past-the-post system fair? Find out more by reading the cover story of the latest edition of the Municipal Monitor. And while municipalities may be leading the way on voting reform, they need to be much more proactive on the flood risks that climate change poses. You’ll gain plenty of insight into all the ways cities and towns are falling behind and what they must urgently do to protect themselves from the kind of costly disasters that struck Calgary and Toronto in the last few years. There’s good news, too, from eastern Ontario where municipalities are finding creative ways to stop the brain drain, adjust to the new demographics and revive the labour market. And with more than five million properties to be assessed in the province of Ontario, find out how the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is working with communities to smooth out the assessment process and keep it timely using a service model other provinces might do well to emulate. You won’t want to miss a single story in the latest Municipal Monitor!

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