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You don’t have to own a sheet metal business to benefit from the tons of good advice in the 2018 annual edition of Sheet Metal Works. The magazine is chock full of information that any business owner can learn from. There are articles on how to keep your business surviving and thriving during an economic downturn and how to hand the reins over to the next generation when you’re ready to retire. The magazine also contains news on prompt payment legislation, expected to pass next year in Alberta, which will benefit anyone who subcontracts in whatever line of business. Looking for inspiration? Read about two ambitious young men who’ve chosen diverse and exciting careers in the sheet metal industry. Contemplating buying a new home? Find out why you can now rest assured that you’ll be getting a brand new, fully functioning and dust-free furnace in that home. Intrigued? Then check out the 2018 edition of Sheet Metal Works!

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